Business Law

Operating a business whether you operate or intend to operate a business yourself, or by a partnership, not-for-profit (previously referred to as a non-profit) entity, corporation or professional corporation or often requires assistance and advice from a law firm.

  • Do you require advice and assistance with setting up your business?
  • Do you require advice and assistance dealing with employment matters?
  • Do you require advice and assistance keeping your Minute Book up-to -date?
  • Do you need a lawyer to advise and assist with the sale of your business?
  • Do you require assistance in moving from a non-incorporated business to a corporation?
  • Are you looking to incorporate a professional or other business?
  • Are you looking for assistance in running a not-for-profit corporation?

While these are just some of the areas in which you may need advice and/or assistance, Virtual Law Group Canada can assist, whether you are a partnership, proprietorship, corporation, not-for-profit corporation or just a group of people running an association.

Virtual Law Group Canada have experienced lawyers that can:

  • provide general legal advice to your business
  • provide advice about and assist you to register a trade name,
  • negotiate and complete a partnership agreement for you,
  • advise and assist with the documentation to make changes to your corporation or partnership, like a change of name, amalgamation, adding a shareholder or other similar changes,
  • advise and assist with incorporation of a professional or other business corporation
  • advise and assist in the incorporation of a non-for-profit society or corporation
  • update your Minute Book and assist with keeping the proper business records for a corporation, whether a society or business corporation
  • advise and assist in succession planning
  • working with your accountant, assist with tax planned changes to your business,


For all your Business Law needs and questions, call or email an attorney at Virtual Law Group today!