At Virtual Law Group we have competent and experienced immigration professionals offering optimal solutions, specially tailored to meet your needs.


We provide a personal service tailored to your specific immigration needs. We are dedicated to ensuring a successful outcome for our clients. 


Immigration Rules and Regulations are becoming more and more complex. As our team has a thorough grasp of changes as they occur, we are able to advise our clients on the best options for them, given their particular circumstances. 


We prepare each and every application thoroughly with diligence and care, and advise our clients honestly of the likely outcome of their matter. Thorough preparation and honesty are often the keys to a successful outcome. A member of our team will thoroughly peruse your documents and advise on the strengths and weaknesses of your application, and how those weaknesses can be overcome. 


We offer a proactive, logical, and forward-thinking premium service, our fees are set accordingly to provide value to our clients.  


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We offer seminars in other countries and run virtual meetings for people wanting to realize their Canadian dream.

We deal with the following areas of immigration:-

  • Express Entry Applications 
  • All types of Temporary Visas (visitor, Work Permit, Student)
  • Extensions
  • Restoration of status
  • Permanent Residence
  • Renewal of Permanent Residence 
  • Citizenship
  • Provincial Nominee Programs
  • Parent/ grandparent Sponsorship
  • Spousal/ co – habiting Sponsorships
  • Other family sponsorships
  • Challenging in-admissibility to Canada (Rehabilitation Orders)
  • Criminal Rehabilitation
  • Procedural fairness representations 
  • All types of appeals including Federal Court 
  • LMIA applications