Commercial and Civil Litigation

Commercial or business litigation involves civil litigation (dispute resolution in the Courts) involving one or more business entities as parties.

At Virtual Law Group, we are experienced in best business practices, corporate governance, commercial contracting and the civil litigation process in Alberta.

We represent the best interests of our business clients.

Our specialized areas of practice are:

  • Complex commercial contract disputes;
  • Commercial tenancy disputes;
  • Commercial real estate disputes;
  • Partnership or corporation disputes;
  • Shareholder Actions;
  • Debenture holder disputes;
  • Breach of Options Agreements in publicly traded companies;
  • Breach of Directors’ Duties;
  • Damages flowing from caveat registration on land;
  • Mareva and Attachment Orders;
  • Condominium disputes;
  • Daycare management and operation disputes;
  • Non- compete agreement disputes; and
  • Solicitor negligence.

We also provide legal research on corporate and commercial law so that our clients know their rights and responsibilities before embarking on litigation.

We look forward to assisting you.


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