Employment Law

Our employment law team can assist you with any employment-related matters.

Role of an Employment Lawyer

Employment lawyers protect both employers and employees. In most circumstances, employment lawyers only protect one side or the other due to a conflict of interest that would arise between employer and employee.


What can an Employment Lawyer assist with?

Our law firm offers complete employment law services. They are aware of the Employment Standards Code and how this can impact an employer and employee. We assist clients from the outset of their employment, such as when they need to sign a contract, until such time that their employment is terminated. Some of the employment matters that we assist with include:  

  1. Drafting Employment Contracts

Our employment lawyers draft contracts that govern the terms between an employer and an employee that set out a contractual workplace relationship for a particular workplace situation. Employment contracts often contain standard terms, however, there are often important terms and conditions that are left out, quite often due to lack of knowledge.

  1. Drafting Contract Worker Agreements

Our employment lawyers also draft contracts for contract workers. These agreements are important as they set out the terms and conditions governing a contractor’s relationship. Most importantly, the contract must set out, that the relationship between the parties is not an employment one. These agreements protect both parties and are very important.

  1. Workplace Policy Drafting

To avoid issues, all businesses need workplace policies in place. The nature and variety of policies depend largely on the type of business. A business with safety hazards often requires more specific policies, however, even an office-type business requires basic workplace policies to be in place. A well-drafted workplace policy sets out employees’ expectations and often covers matters such as mobile phone use and workplace policies on internet use.

  1. Severance Packages Review and Drafting

Our lawyers can review a severance package and help negotiate the terms if necessary. Our lawyers will review the working history, explain settlement options, and draft severance agreements. In addition, we act for employees to review and fight for the amount offered in a severance settlement.

  1. Constructive Dismissal

Constructive dismissal occurs when

  • An employee’s pay is significantly reduced without a valid reason, or
  • They are demoted, or
  • There is a high workload, or
  • Increased obligations at work without a pay increase, and/or
  • A toxic work environment.


Our lawyers advise employees, as well as employers, of their rights in these circumstances.



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