Estate Administration

Are you named as the Personal Representative (Executor) in a Will? 

Has the person who named you as Executor passed?

Do you need advice and assistance though these difficult times?  

Estate Administration is the process by which Executors named in a will, carry out the wishes in the will of someone following their death, or deal with the disposition of someone’s assets and their debts following their death when there is no will.

This includes, but is not limited to:-

  • Arranging for the funeral, memorial, burial services and providing a lasting marker, as may be necessary
  • Finding any Will
  • Protecting the assets of the deceased
  • Settling the debts of the deceased 
  • Ensuring tax returns are filed and taxes paid
  • Applying for probate 
  • Keeping the correct records of all financial transactions 
  • Distributing the assets of the Estate
  • Establishing any trusts
  • Dealing with minor beneficiaries

Aside from knowing all the duties an executor has, an Executor often has no idea where to begin or how to deal with simple tasks such as paying the initial bills of the deceased or ongoing costs bills for Estate property, opening an Estate bank account, locating beneficiaries and dealing with those who are still children, and what and when they can distribute assets to the beneficiaries. In addition to legal advice, our Group also includes a Certified Executor Advisor who can assist beyond the legal issues in being an executor and help with various tasks required 

Our team at Virtual Law Group Canada can guide you through this whole process simplifying matters during these difficult times.


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